Bluetooth 5 Ultimate Bluetooth Connectivity 2017

Hay guys today I am going to talk about Bluetooth 5. Bluetooth is one of the best and oldest connectivity devices ever invented. The evolution of Bluetooth comes to Bluetooth 5, not Bluetooth 5.0. Now the best thing in Bluetooth 5 is you will get everything 2x more.

There  are lots of differences and lots of  big big improvements that are petty interesting even if you know a little bit of Bluetooth we will cover up all the things.

Bluetooth 5

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What is Bluetooth 5?

Bluetooth 5 is a newer version of Bluetooth.  After v4.2 the 5 is born with 4x Range, 8x broadcasting massage capacity with 2x speed, Up to 2Mbps with low energy consumption. Sounds good! Isn’t it?

finally, Bluetooth ends up the .x naming, it now becomes 5. no more confusion like 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 etc just 5! OK ? Just 5. Its now much easier to understand what the version is.

Bluetooth 5 Specs

First of all we noticed the following technical specification of Bluetooth 5

  1. 2x bandwidth: Before it was only 1Mbps bandwidth now it become faster with 2Mbps transfer speed. though it is not very exciting against Wi-Fi but for the Bluetooth protocol its great.
  2. Not only the range but also the range increased: Bluetooth range increased by 4 times in comparison to  Bluetooth V4.2. Now the range can cover unto 30 to 50 meters and that is not an even line of sight. Now you can get seamless connectivity within different parts of your home. No need of extra power though.
  3. Forward Error Correction: It can correct some data at the receiver’s end if minor corruption detects in some cases.
  4. The most exciting thing is the capacity of broadcast messages increase by 8x: Now you can send broadcast messages to any Bluetooth device. With its beercan feature, you can send proximity related message and get a notification.

Bluetooth 5 devices

  1. iPhone 8
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Difference between Bluetooth 4.2 and 5

  • Bluetooth 4.2 transfer speed is 1Mbps and 5 transfer rate is 2Mbps
  • 4.2’s range is 60 meters and 5’s 30-50 meters
  • 4.2 can’t forward error correction, but Bluetooth 5 can





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