Beware of Caution sky Threats

Often those people are joked as a terrible pessimist who warns of the dangers of the sky, warns against the tragedies coming from the sky. Often these people have also warned against taking the reconnaissance during the time of the horrors. Reconnaissance devices have also cried.

Those who make fun of now, the Bolide or Meteor on the Siberia region of Russia, in which hundreds of people were injured and hundreds moved in shock, some of the people who scoffed at others, called the pessimists, Will be broken. It is a matter of fact that the deployment of a telescope in the orbit of space can be used to weigh the risks coming from the solar system.

Significantly, young entrepreneurs at Silicon’s Time (San Jose, California State) who have been working in this direction, have earmarked millions of dollars on eBay, Google, Facebook. Now he has got to raise more money for innovative reconnaissance devices. Will it not be our misfortune that we should be killed just because of the calamities coming from the sky in our Sultani Gurur, we were blinded by the side that was careless. That is to say Edward Lu’s You are a former astronaut of Google Earth Space Agency, Google Executive Officer. You are connected with the efforts of the reconciliation of the sky shots. In his own words- ‘This is a wake -up call from space. We have got to pay attention to what’s out there.’

Of course, astrophysicists do not talk about any asteroids or such a comet so that there is a great danger to the earthquake. But the American space agency NASA does not have a coincidence. As far as this is less than 10 percent of such calamities, such calamities exist. For a similar effort, the group of Lu has been working for the efforts of the people who have given their organization the name B612 Foundation.

This nomenclature belongs to the fictional asteroid which had a Nanna prince. Planetary Resources Apart from NASA, there is a similar name for a private group who wants to identify not only the asteroids but also dig through valuable diggers by digging them.

James Green, director of NASA’s Planetary Science, said in a meeting after the devastation caused by the meteorite in Siberia territory of Russia, our work is to strengthen the security arrangements, to create the first line of defense and we Take it very seriously. Any animal living on this planet has not been hurt before the sudden calamity, this thing has now been buried in history.

After the Russian Accident, due to the many catastrophes, people will now work more intensively to avoid the sky shocks. A new energy has been filled in this event.

So we really need to beware of this threat before it hurts us badly. we have to take care of our civilisation. we need to protect our world from any threat. we have to have do this. This is what we do when we are aware.

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