This Black hole could even swallow the earth part-2

Now imagine a Black hole, which is three to five times or more heavier than the Sun, i.e. its gravitational force is multiplied by the force of the gravitational force of the sun. This means that the satellite will have to fly at a speed of more than 618 km per second to deliver a satellite to space.

Now, there is a theory of physics that no substance can run faster than the speed of light. The speed of light is 3,00,000 km per second. It means that it is impossible to extract anything from black hole, even the light, because the speed of light also falls short of the necessary speed to cancel the gravitational force of Black Hole.

Black Hole is so hungry that he pulls every celestial body near him, and when he gets inside, the object’s name disappears. After swallowing it, the power of Black Hole increases as the mass of that body is added in its mass and it also increases its gravitational force. With this he takes away even more far-reaching celestial feathers and swallows it.

The question arises in your mind, that when Black Hole does not appear and stops the light, how do scientists know about his existence?

We can not see the wind, but seeing the zooming trees due to the wind, we understand that the wind is blowing. Similarly, by looking at the abnormalities present in the motion of celestial objects surrounding Black Hole, we can estimate that there is Black Hole around.

Telescopes like Hubble have sent us such scenes of the universe that appear to show that certain gases of gaseous material are moving towards an invisible point. This is probably happening with the glory of a gravitational force of Black Hole.

The scientists believe that there is a Black hole in the center of our Milky Way, which is constantly getting bigger by swallowing the surrounding stars.

Hey, did you panic? Do not worry. It will take at least 20 billion years to reach our solar system!

Astronomers believe that Black hole can give us information about the origin and origin of Universe.

There are many concepts in relation to the origin of the universe, of which the chief is two. According to one concept it is believed that initially, all the contents of the universe were present in the form of a huge body, which exploded about 10 billion years ago from today, causing the entire material to spread throughout the entire space. Indeed, this process of spreading is still going on.

According to the second concept, the emergence and defeat of the universe continues like a bowl. The original pig of the universe explodes, and its content spreads, and then all the material is returned and gets absorbed into the original body, which then explodes. This sequence continues to be repeated.

Black plays an important role in this process. Perhaps due to the destruction of celestial objects by the Krishna statues, the original body of the universe is formed, in which the universe is rebuilt by the explosion.

All these things are also baffling to our imagination. Thinking about the universe, we begin to touch the boundaries of our imagination power. But man has been battling these questions from the very beginning. The emergence of our philosophies has been finding answers to the question of how the universe came into being. The first philosophers used to answer these questions on the basis of logic, nowadays astronomers answer these questions by observing the inspection of large telescopes and using the principles of physics. With the efforts of these philosophers and astronomers, our understanding of the universe is constantly increasing.

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