This Black hole could even swallow the earth part-1

There is a story in the Mahabharata, of Bhakasura (B). The appetite of this monster was so huge that he ate the village village. After all, the inhabitants of that country decided that every day a member of a family would fill the food in many bullocks and bring them, and in return they would not eat indiscriminately. In the end Bhima (Bhima) puts this monster to death.

There are similar astronomical objects in the universe, whose hunger is indelible like hunger’s appetite. Their gravitational force is so strong that they pull nearby stars, planets, and other celestial bodies towards them and mix them together. Even the light can not escape from their gravitational force. Therefore these celestial bodies are called Black Hole-Black Hole.

The Black Hole is formed when a big star becomes old, i.e. the flammable substance (i.e. hydrogen) that is present in it gets destroyed. The stars are of great size. Their gravitational force is equally huge. This force keeps the contents of the star continuously towards its center. But the hydrogen remains in the center of the star, which spread due to the heat of the star. The pressure that arises due to its spread, it resists the force of the gravitational force of the star. That’s why the star does not completely cross the inside.

But after a time the hydrogen inside the star is over and the pressure of the hydrogen gas is not present to prevent the force of gravity. With this, the way the balloon grows in the air when the star gets out, it sits in the same way.

If the star is almost sun-shaped, then it shrinks and turns into a body of about 100 km diameter. To suppress it in a smaller size than that, there is not enough gravitational force in that star. Now that star is called the White Dwarf-White Dwarf or Neutron Star. By remaining alive for billions of years, he gradually loses his heat and energy.

But if the star is about three to five times bigger than our Sun, then its gravitational force will be so strong that such a process of continuous mud continuing inside it, and it comes at a time when the entire star of dust is filled with dust One becomes smaller than the particle, and then it disappears completely. The star that reached such a state is called Black hole. Because of this molecule-atomic gravitational force of this star, so close to the other, its gravitational force increases the number of millions of times by the original star.

How is Black’s discharge?

Nobody can say, because his gravitational force stops the light, so he does not show up. It can be understood this way.

To get a satellite in space with the Earth’s gravitational force, the satellite has to fly at a speed of more than 11 kilometers per second. Now suppose you have to remove any satellite from space with the Sun’s gravitational force. The Sun is manifold heavily from the Earth and its gravitational force is many times more than the Earth. To abort the force, the satellite will have to fly 618 km per second to get the satellite in space.

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