Dangers of Computer Viruses – Computer Security Threats and Solutions

                    Now we are in 21st century and we all the people of our globe is connected via Internet. We must aware of Dangers of Computer virus, therefor I would like to give a basic idea of computer virus and how to get rid of it. Now a days, computer virus is a common issue to the people who used a desktop or a laptop or a smart phone. Every common people who uses smart device knows the itch of viruses.

Dangers of Computer Viruses:

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Some famous computer viruses:

Spyware, wanna cry ransomware, malware , Trojan horse, the blaster worm, I love you, the Melissa virus, storm worm etc. are some well-known names of computer viruses.

What is a Computer Virus?

As per Wikipedia, “a computer virus is a type of malicious software program (“Malware”) that, when executed, replicate itself by modifying other computer programs and inserting its own code.”

Simply computer virus is software who infects a computer and causes various problems.


How to find that your smart device is virus infected?

  • If you feeling any unusual leg or slow operating speed may cause due to computer virus.
  • Creating new folders automatically.
  • Block network connection
  • Send e-mails automatically
  • Shout down pc/ unable to shut down etc.

The above are some of the dangers of computer viruses or  some examples of computer viruses.

how do computer viruses spread ?

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If virus infection is positive then we called it activation of virus. Most of the cases virus can be spread through internet, Infected pen drive or a DVD also a main cause of spreading computer virus.  If we  know the behavior of a suspected virus then it is possible to prevent the infarction.

Dangers of Computer Virus.

Computer Virus can damage your computer’s software part only. It can stole your data like credit card / Debit card information, all the e-mails and other data stored in your hard drive. It can’t damage hardware but it can damage computer’s operating system. Can create folders, lock folders, and replicate folders, delete data etc. block internet hang the PC drain battery of smart device, prevent starting PC may be symptoms of a virus attack.

How can computer virus be prevented ?

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore we should always aware of preventing our computer from virus and malware.

  • Always use a good antivirus.
  • Make sure that it is updated regularly.
  • Scan USB drive before executing.
  • Use Updated version of firewall.
  • Do not open unwanted links and unknown attachment in e-mail.
  • Use a backup system as protection if necessary.

Removing virus may cost you a lot and waste of time too. Sometimes we lost important data and it is very time consuming job to recover data from hard drive.

However we can recover some lost data with help of some software programs. You can check it out here.

how to prevent viruses on your computer ?

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The way to prevent Virus attack is to install antivirus programs and regularly update virus database of the antivirus program. Now a days there are various antivirus programs are available in the market


Some of the best antivirus programs of the world, for your laptop PC Or Mac  which you can check it out.



  • MacAfee antivirus. It is a popular antivirus. Available for mac and windows and android.


  • Norton security deluxe 5 device, available for mac, android and windows.


  • Kaspersky antivirus 2017.  Also available for Windows Mac and Android. Second bestseller of Amazon. Price 24.59 for 3 devices. Check it out.  (stating from Rs.70 only)


  • Webroot internet security.  For 3 devices they charge $14.98. Available for mac, android and windows.


  • Bit defender antivirus is also popular antivirus available for Windows Mac and Android. Starting from $27.13 for 5 devices 1 year


  • Avast antivirus. It is free antivirus can be download from Amazon.com .


  • Est antivrus.


  • Quick heal anitivirus.


  • Avg free antivirus.

However you can buy any antivirus program but above are the best sellers of amazon and highly recommended antivirus software by leading industry experts.

If you work like can never loose data type of job, then you shod definitely go for a PC backup software like Mypc backup. This type of software can solve the issue of data loss. It is like a safe house in your computer and you get rid of dangers of computer viruses.

In conclusion if you feel any sign of virus or malware in your device then one should never make any banking or financial transaction using that device, never use debit or credit card for purchase from that particular device. Go for an antivirus software and install it. Try full device scan, if you are not able to do so go for servicing your device. Stay alert and be safe from dangers of computer viruses..

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