Hard disk data recovery services

Most of the people search for hard disk data recovery services after losing their data from hard drive. So it is always better to prevent lost data from your hard drive.

Data recovery services
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There are some disk data recovery services that can help you to recover your lost data. If you have little knowledge of computer and chips, then you can try basic troubleshooting on your own. It is highly recommended to use the best data recovery service for recover sensitive data. We will show you how to troubleshoot hard disk data recovery at the end of this article.

Best hard disk data recovery services for you.

Secure Data Recovery [hard disk data recovery services]

The best data recovery service compared to other data recovery services. This service is a gold award winner.

What kind of data can be recovered using Secure data recovery service?

  • Raid data recovery available.
  • Tape data recovery available
  • Solid-State drive data recovery available.
  • Apple-Mac data recovery available
  • Laptop data recovery available
  • Database data recovery available
  • Server data recovery available
  • Remote data recovery available
  • Encrypted data recovery available
  • USB Flesh and SD recovery services available
  • Mobile and forensics data recovery available

Secure Data recovery service also provides 24×7 same day emergency data recovery service. They also provide Data recovery service for home users, Small business, Enterprise, and Government.

They also provide file repair software, Data backup software and data recovery software.

Secure data recovery service provides their services in the United States, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom and Austrailia.


ISO 4 and class 10 cleanroom certified only data recovery service.


It takes little bit more time compared to other data recovery services.

What do you love about Secure data recovery services?

They provide e-mail support, phone-in support, and online support.

hard disk data recovery services
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Salvage data recovery services [hard disk data recovery services]

Salvage data recovery service is the second preferred data recovery service. They provide a wide variety of data recovery solutions.

What kind of data can be recovered using Salvage data recovery service?

  • Hard drive data recovery
  • PC Computer data recovery
  • Laptop/PC data recovery
  • Server data recovery
  • raid array data recovery
  • NAS / SAN storage data recovery
  • Virtual Server Data Recovery
  • Back-Up tape data recovery
  • Onsite data recovery

Salvage data recovery service provides onsite and phone in support. They provide personal and business data recovery.Salvage data recovery service provides their service across North America.

Salvage data recovery service provides secure data recovery service. You don’t need to worry about the security of your data.

Gillware Data recovery service [hard disk data recovery services]

Gillware data recovery service provides a wide range of data recovery services. You can use Gilware data recovery for…

  • Photo data recovery
  • Mac data recovery
  • Small business data recovery
  • Enterprise data recovery
  • Hard drive data recovery
  • USB/Flash Drive data recovery
  • SSD Data recovery
  • Smartphone data recovery
  • SD card data recovery
  • NAS / SAN and Raid data recovery.
  • Virtual machine data recovery

All the above-mentioned data recovery services are provided by the Gillware data recovery service. Gillware is one of the best hard disk data recovery services among hard disk data recovery services.


DriveSavers [hard disk data recovery services]

DriveSaver is also a good hard disk data recovery services. DriveSaver provides 24×7 online support. They have plans according to your urgency. They provide priority service as soon as possible data recovery, Standard data recovery in one or two business days, Economy in 5-7 business days.

What kind of data can be recovered using DriveSaver data recovery service?

  • Raid, NAS, SAN data recovery.
  • Desktop data recovery
  • Laptop data recovery
  • Smart device data recovery
  • Digital camera data recovery

DriveSaver uses ISO 5 certified cleanroom for better and secure data recovery.

WeRecoverData [hard disk data recovery services]

WeRecoverData is also a well-known data recovery service. They provide almost all kinds of hard disk data recovery services. WeRecoverData works with worlds most popular and trusted organizations like Unicef, NASA, Nestle, Mercedes-Benz, Yahoo and much more.

What kind of data can be recovered using WeRecoverData recovery service?

  • Computer system data recovery
  • File system data recovery
  • Hard disk Data recovery
  • External hard drive recovery
  • Disk data recovery
  • Raid, NAS, SAN data recovery.
  • VIRTUAL SERVER data recovery
  • Database recovery.

WeRecoverData offers their hard disk data recovery services across the world. They provide phone-in and online support to their customers 24×7.

It is good to use Hard disk data recovery services for secure and best recovery option. You can also try basic troubleshooting without a cleanroom.

Sometimes we lose data from our hard drive or pen drive or sd card for various reasons. Nowadays it is not very hard to recover lost data from your sd card or pen derive due to unwanted format.

You need some data recovery software for recovering your lost data due to format. We have another post on Best data recovery software for use in such situations. You might like


How to troubleshoot and recover data on your own?

hard disk data recovery services
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Install any of the software listed in the post and follow the instructions. You can easily recover your lost data.

Sometimes we lost data due to the corruption of our computer hard drive or external hard drive. In this case, you need to do some manual troubleshooting.

For this kind of issue, you need to hear the sound of your hard drive. Most cases your hard drive will beep beep beep sound, that means there is something wrong with your logic card.

You can clean the connectors of your logic card. Check the hard drive after cleaning. If it still not working, you need to replace the logic card with the same type of logic card your problem will solve. You need to do this carefully.

Sometimes hard disks make a sound like tak tak, that means your hard drives writing head is not working properly. For this case, you are not recommended to replace the head yourself.

Call a hard disk data recovery services or visit a professional hard disk repair service.

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