Heavy astronomical body quasar and blue sky

In the 1960s, astronomers found such a strong radio source that is 10 to 15 light-years away from us. Then it was considered a great surprise because these cameras discovered by radio-telescopes emitted energy equivalent to trillions of stars. And their size-type was similar to stars.

Initially, these objects were called Quasi-Stellar Objects, but after a while, astronomers gave these powerful radio sources to Quasar-Stellar Radio Source (‘Quasar’), meaning ‘Virtual Stellar Radio -Source ‘has been named. After studying advanced radio telescopes, the mysterious and amazing qualities of Quasar soon came out. Astronomers had fully understood the fact that quasars are amazing objects and their discovery is an extremely important event in the history of astronomy.

How did quasars search?
As we know that the sources of radio waves in the universe are either gas and dust nebulae or clouds of gas and dust present in our galaxy But the interesting thing is that until 1960, no star was discovered beyond our solar system, which was a radio source. (At that time some astronomers even started thinking that they have discovered the ends of the universe.) First, Astronomers named T. Matthew and Endsensee invented quasars in a constellation. Both astronomers named ‘3C 273’ (3C meaning-three Cambridge Catalog radio sources) of this quarried search. So far, more than a thousand quasars have been discovered.

The discovery of quasars has put astronomers in confusion for decades. It is known that these sources are radio-emitting bodies similar to a point whose length-width is not more than a few light-years. Although our galaxy is about 100,000 light-years wide, one quasar emits comparable energy of about 100 galaxies. How is this possible? Astronomers have not yet solved this puzzle of gruesome energy. Scientists are not able to understand that through which physical process, quasars produce such a huge energy.

The most awful thing inside Quasar is that their spectrum differs completely from any known star. Quadratic spectrum is becoming increasingly inaccessible-displacement. Meaning Quasar is getting away from us very fast. Presently 18-19 light years away have been discovered. It becomes so clear that our known universe is 18 to 19 billion years old.

When the light strikes a particle, then it either goes across the particle, or is reflected by it or dispersed. In the nineteenth century, a scientist named Zone Tindal showed that the particles of light are transmitted or their reflected or dispersed depends on the wavelength of light. Blue light is scattered most of the parts of the visible light, while red light is the lowest.

Therefore, the red part of the sun light then crosses the scattered earth, but the blue light is dispersed from the gas molecules present in the air, dust, pollen etc. and remains in the air for a long time. Due to this scattered blue light the sky is visible to us blue.

Do you know why red light is used to indicate danger? This is also based on the Tindal effect. The red light is dispersed the least by the particle content present in the air. Therefore, red light is seen more easily in dust, haze, rain etc., and people get alert information.


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