increase vistors
increase vistors

     I often like to teach people how to make passive online income. If you have a large number of tweeter followers then you can generate some income. Generally internet is full of scams and fake programs but lots of genuine opportunities also available.

I’ll teach you how to start your online business part by part, starting with zero investment to top level investment which makes you reach but not as fast as you think. It takes time and has to learn a lot of things. I will teach you everything step by step. Today I’ll tell you about simple way to get some extra money from Tweeter.

Do you know if you have lots of (say 100000) tweeter followers then you can earn an impressive amount?
Tweeter follower
Tweeter follower

Yes it’s true that if you know the wright strategy of , then you can earn $5 or more again and again daily.. Isn’t it cool? Yes it’s the beginning of dot com lifestyle.

If you have a large number of followers then you can earn a decent amount of passive income which make your leaving easy.. Who don’t want some extra bucks at extra time? It doesn’t take whole day long, even you work for 10 to 20min a day then it’s enough to have 5000 followers within a view days..

I will let you know how can you make the large number of followers for free..

Ok let’s start…

First of all you need to have a Tweeter Account, new or currently working both is welcome, I prefer new one apart from personal, because it is totally professional. So it’s great to create a new account.

Now there is a website named Go to the website and its free to join. OK, let me tell you one thing that you can also promote your website if you have or you can promote others website for paid purpose. I’ll tell you how after completing main tutorial.

Now go to earn rewards section, here you find the follow tweeter to get point. Follow the tweeter profiles. If you follow 500 tweeter accounts daily then you will get 5000 followers within 10 days, 10000 followers in 20 days.. That’s how your follower list will be increased. More followers means more fat cash. More follower increases the possibility of getting a job quickly.

 Join sponsored tweets (click here) pays for sponsored tweets. Or you may go for Fivver and start sponsored tweet at $5 . You are done.

 Stay tune for more money making ideas..


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