It is a painful situation when you lose your data due to corrupt hard drive or formatted memory or pen drive unaware.  Do you know it is possible to recover most of the lost data due to unwanted format? Yes! Now you can recover lost data from your formatted storage using data recovery software.

Do you know how to recover your lost data from digital media?

Now lost data recovery is one of the easiest things! Believe us! It is no more a panic job. The modern data recovery software is designed such a way that anyone can recover lost data from digital media with a graphic user interface of the software. Just you need a basic knowledge of computer and ability to learn from the guidebook or learn using tutorial video.


Easy? Yes, it is!

Data recovery software
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Nowadays, we store our very important data’s like office documents, projects, presentation, important articles that we write, software’s, research reports, etc. in our computer hard drive or some external hard drive or pen drive.

Sometimes we lost our data’s various reasons like virus attack or sometimes we format our hard drive or pen drive due to unawareness etc. So it creates a huge problem for us… the good news is now we can recover our deleted files or data from digital media using various recovery software program or recovery services. Even nowadays we can recover raid data using some raid data recovery programs.

            We all know that prevention is better than cure. So, first of all, we should try not to fall into this kind of recovery issue. The solution of this is to back up our computer or hard disk or pen drive using online backup using online backup service providers who provide online storage to backup your data. Some of the very good online data storage service providers you may use are



 I know how it feels when we lost our most important data. Don’t worry… you can recover your deleted hard disk data using these data recovery programs or software’s using the below listed top Five recovery programs.

data recovery software
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We team Show-me-howto.com find out some most useful data recovery software for your convenience. Let’s check this out.

  1. Staller Data Recovery:

    [amazon box=”B00UJ47CPS” /]

Staller Data Recovery is one of the best award-winning harddisk data recovery software. It is awarded CIO 2015. And also a Microsoft partner. It can recover lost data from your PC, Laptop, Mac. It can recover data, photo, music, video, even repair E-mail and many more.

  1. Data Rescue PC3 :

It comes with a Boot Cd. If your Operating System is crashed then it can recover data from your crashed pc. All kinds of data i.e. Music, photo, video, word, excel, pdf, can be recovered with this system. It also offers raid recovery.

  1. Seagate File Recovery 2.0:

It performs great data recovery solution when you need to recover data from formatted HDD SSD and SD or Micro SD Card. But No Raid Recovery Option. It can recover data, video, music, photo, pdf, word or excel files etc.

  1. Ontrack EasyRecovery for Windows :

    It also offers wide variety of data recovery options to its users. It provides raid data recovery with full network recovery support. Ontrack can recover from external or local hard drive SSD or HDD tablet or mobile devices optical or digital media. The types that can be recovered are of a database, document, video, music etc. Ontrack professional can recover from virtual environments also


  1. Recuva® :

    It provides free data recovery. Its effectively finds deleted or formatted data from your sd card hard drive etc.it has also a professional version which is also able to Recovery from damaged disks. Recuva offers Advanced file recovery, Virtual hard drive support, Automatic updates and Premium support.


We have mentioned above five data recovery systems that you may use. You may find lots of data recovery software or programs online. It’s totally your choice which you may want to try but the above-mentioned programs will not dissatisfy you.

Though we can now recover almost everything, we recommend a PC or Mac backup solution. It’s hassle-free. No one knows when your hard drive may fall or lost. If so then a good backup program can save your data.

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Finall words: If you have any suggestion on data recovery software, please feel free to comment.

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